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Sport Fencing LESSONS for Adult Sport/Fitness and Children 12+ @ Home Fencing Studio Tampa FL.


Home Fencing Studio 

"Individual Fencing Lessons & Practice"

for Beginner  and  experienced fencers.

Adult Recreational Sport/Fitness and

Children ages 12+. 

As of this posting, there Monday through Friday lessons sessions available for booking at the Home Fencing Studio: .

Lessons fees at the Home Studio:

“Pay As You Go” $20.00/Lesson,

"Pay in Advance”

 5 Lessons minimum: $15.00/ individual lesson.

There are NO Home Studio FEES for members of TFA Tampa Fencing Academy fencing club, "donations by TFA members are appreciated".

Lessons given at the Home Fencing Studio are away from the distracting activities you’ll find at fencing clubs. Coach GerryD’s lessons focus on clear explanation of: skills, technique and tactics you’ll need to succeed in your competitive play and training at Tampa Fencing Academy. This training is a sound preparation and/or introduction to this Martial sport, for new and experienced practitioner’s adults and children ages 12+.





See Map link below:

HFS Home Fencing Studio @ 8009 W. Hiawatha St.  Tampa FL 33615-2905. 

  Email Coach GerryD at, or

call 813 767 1722



 TFA Tampa Fencing Academy is a fencing club located only 3 mile from the Home Fencing Studio. TFA's membership fee is $65/month: you can spar and play up to 6 days a week. There are additional fees for group and or individual lessons at TFA.

LINK to Tampa Fencing Academy Website
LINK to Tampa Fencing Academy Website

 My affiliation with TFA Tampa Fencing Academy (LINK) is as the original founder (1992).

Presently I am a freelance fencing coach and teacher, offering beginners and Tampa Fencing Academy club members individual or small group lessons in the basics of sport fencing.




All Fencing Practice Equipment is Provided to Beginners at the Home Studio and the Academy.


There is a changing room and lavatory for your convenience at the Fencing Studio.

 A $5.00 enrolment fee for US Fencers’ insurance is required to start your Sport fencing Training (if your not an ACADEMY or USFA Member).

Email Coach GerryD at or call 813 767 1722  







About Coach GerryD, By WMD 

Coaching recreational sport fencing has been part of Coach Gerardo Duran's life since 1987. In that year he attended fencing coach's Foil and Sabre seminar in Orlando FL. From that day on, he knew that “he was a Fencing Coach". All that he needed was the Fencing Coaching skills. To start his new career, he attended in 1991 and 1992 the United States Fencing Association's (USFA) Coaches College at the Olympic Training Center (OTC), Colorado Springs, founded “Tampa's Fencing Academy” Tampa Florida, and became a lifetime member of the U.S. Fencing Coaches Association. Ten years later at age 62 it was time to retire from his day job to dedicate 25 hours a week in teaching and coaching sport fencing at the Academy and local private schooled. Coach GerryD revisited the Coaches College in 2005 for 3 weeks of coaches training (EPEE, FOIL, SABRE) and was privileged to attended a seven day seminar “Sport Fencing- The Unity of Theory and Practice”, with renowned Polish Fencing Master and Coach Professor Zhigniew Czajkowski. "There is always something more to learn in this sport: better techniques, tactics, and pedagogy. Now that the USA has earned their first gold fencing metals at the 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics, more people are attracted to fencing as a recreational sport. Everyone can succeed in the sport of fencing. All that's needed is love for the game".

Tampa Fencing Academys' Location 1995
Tampa Fencing Academys' Location 1995


On October 2007 Coach GerryD transferred the Academy and job of Head Coach /Director/Owner of Tampa's Fencing Academy (TFA) to Coach Boyco Krastavich, a Bulgarian educated fencing coach and Sports Educator with international competitive experience. Coach GerryD continued teaching at TFA and at summer physical education Olympic fencing credit classes at Berkeley Preparatory School, Tampa FL.


On August 2013 Coach GerryD began exclusively teaching and developing video tutorials at the HOME FENCING STUDIO which are published on his YouTube channel. 



Thank-you for your consideration,
Gerardo Duran Jr. a.k.a Coach GerryD
Olympic Fencing Skills Teacher & Coach.
Presently teaching at:
Home Fencing Studio, Tampa FL.,


You can see studio OLYMPIC Fencing Video Tutorials at: ,

or by searching YouTube for Coach GerryD.



see-web link to-

TFA Tampa Fencing Academy  

Tampa Bay’s premier competitive fencing academy.

Coach GerryD and Student Hanah No, 05/2013 at HFS
Coach GerryD and Student Hanah No, 05/2013 at HFS

Have you ever wanted to know how to fight with a sword? Unbelievably for some, the sport fencing has not died out. Far from it. The rules have become fairly complex; electrical equipment has been invented that aid in the playing of the sport, and schools of fencing exist in all parts of the earth.


Decide why you want to fence. Is it for fitness, competition, or for historical appeal? All of these are legitimate reasons, and each leads to a different type of fencing and training.




Is the club easily accessible? Though it doesn't have to do with fencing itself, you want to be able to get to and from your club on a regular basis.

Do you know anyone who fences? Find out where they go, and what they think of the place.


Does the club have a good mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced fencers? When you're starting out, it's nice to have people at your level. Having a range of abilities generally indicates a club with some stability and longevity.

Owner/Head Coach Boyco: Tampa Fencing Academy
Owner/Head Coach Boyco: Tampa Fencing Academy


Are there enough coaches for you to have private lessons regularly? Private lessons from a coach are essential to the beginning (and intermediate through advanced) fencer.

Does it teach the weapon that you want to learn? A lot of fencing schools and clubs only teach one or two types of fencing, so make sure that they have the one that you want before you commit.



Try to find out who the best available coach in your club is. Usually, they'll have a few hours a week in which you can fit in private lessons with them. Sometimes, this is not the case, and it will be necessary to take group lessons from that coach, if you want to take any at all. Take them up on this if it is offered, but try to find another coach to give you private lessons as well.

Coach GerryD: Home Fencing Studio
Coach GerryD: Home Fencing Studio



All Fencing Practice Equipment is Provided to Beginners at the

Home Studio and the

Fencing Academy.


Some Basics about Fencing

 For information about other

Tampa Bay area Fencing Clubs,

 please go to: 


 One of the training methods used by Coach GerryD, is making videos of the fencing strokes so the student can get visual feedback.